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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access Background Assistant?

Authorized Users receive a User ID and Password from Background Solutions for secured access using any work computer and the Internet.

Will Background Assistant Run On My Agency’s Network?

All that is needed is an internet connection. Background Assistant is a web-based application that does not interfere with an agency’s network, making set up quick and easy.

My Agency Uses An Existing RMS, Can I Still Use Background Assistant?

Yes, Background Assistant is a web-based program that does not interfere with any internal RMS system.

What If A User Leaves The Department Before The End Of The Licensing Period?

Account management features allow a department to easily reassign an investigation to a new investigator. The agency administrator may contact Background Solutions to have the user's account deactivated.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Case Management System?

Background Assistant helps investigators easily manage and track their investigations and aids investigators in organizing the case by easily documenting facts and relevant information. It also helps investigators with planning and managing their investigations. Background Assistant provides an agency with an easy means of archiving and retrieving information on previous investigations. Background Assistant gives investigators access to pre-formatted reports contained within the Background Assistant application. Since information entered by the applicant is transferred to the investigator worksheet, the investigator does not have to re-enter case details to generate a final report. These reports provide investigators with comprehensive documentation of their due diligence. Documentation is the key to defending against lawsuits.

What Does A Background Assistant Report Look Like?

Reports are generated in a pdf file and designed to print on individual agency letterhead or memo stock.

How Can I Use Background Assistant To Document My Investigation?

Background Assistant provides detectives with an easy to use interface to maintain case notes of interviews, returned correspondence and the results of records checks. Investigator notes are compiled into a professional investigative report that can be edited, printed and maintained on file in both electronic and hard copy.

Will My Case Information Be Shared With Other Agencies?

No, each user exercises strict control over their data. Applicant data remains the property of the licensed agency. Data may be deleted, archived or also saved locally as determined by the individual user.

How Can I Purchase Background Assistant?

We accept purchase orders, checks or credit cards.

I Am A Fire Department Investigator. Can I Use Background Assistant?

Yes, any member of the public safety community requires an extensive background investigation. Background Assistant works well for screening fire applicants.

Is There Any Software Required To Use Background Assistant?

Background Assistant is a web-based program and does not require any software or network connections. If the user can access the internet, they can benefit from Background Assistant.

Is Background Assistant Easy To Use?

Background Assistant was designed for users with minimal computer skills. Narrative boxes and easy to use fill-in fields make Background Assistant a user-friendly web application.

Can I save my final report?

All reports and correspondence are in PDF format and can be saved to a personal hard drive or storage device..

Can more than one person access the program?

Licenses are sold individually. Multiple licensed users can access the program simultaneously; however multiple users may not use the same license.

What is the cost?

Cost is based on the size of the agency’s sworn personnel staff and the amount of users required, contact our offices for further assistance.

Is data stored on your own servers?

Yes, data is stored on servers owned by Background Solutions. It is a secure system with multiple layer security for your data, achieved through the use of individual user passwords, and a 256-bit data encryption process.

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